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Gas Safe Engineers Wirral

You may have seen the Gas Safe logo on our vans, clothing and company premises at Home Heating Systems Ltd.
Fundamentally, getting gas appliances and systems fitted or repaired by someone without formal qualifications, training, experience, or approval could be fatal.
boiler service wirral
boiler service wirral

Gas Safe Engineers

It would help if you never took the risk with your gas appliances at home or in your business. For the safety of everyone, please ensure that your engineers are registered with gas safe.
You can verify Home Heating Systems as a Gas Safe registered business by clicking on the button below.

Our Engineers at Home Heating Systems Ltd

A poorly maintained or fitted gas appliance can leak, which could cause a fire or explosion. It can also give out carbon monoxide, known as the ‘silent killer because you can’t see, smell or taste it, and it can kill you before you even detect it.
Gas Safe-registered engineer ensures that your work is carried out correctly and safely, giving you peace of mind that the quality of work is to a high standard and will not result in safety problems.


In addition to the safety aspects of your gas appliances, using our Gas Safe-registered engineer will save you money in the long run through dependable, reliable and robust installations that don’t break down.


All Gas Safe-registered engineers at Home Heating Systems Ltd carry ID cards that you can check, including the areas where the engineer is qualified to work. But the accreditation also allows the engineer to issue industry-approved certification to demonstrate compliance and commissioning of gas systems they have installed.

Best Practice

Finally, the various qualifications held by a Gas Safe-registered engineer are recorded when they register, and the engineer is responsible for ensuring the qualifications remain valid. They must be under five years old, to ensure the engineer is familiar with modern systems, materials and legislation. You reap the benefit of that in that you always receive the best work standard.

Our Engineers at Home Heating Systems Ltd

Edward Weedon (Ted)

Gas engineer and MD | Gas Safe Registered, F Gas registered.

Boiler breakdown engineer, boiler service engineer, heating engineer, air con engineer. 

Mike Smith

Gas engineer (Lead engineer) | Gas safe registered, 

Gas combi boiler installer, boiler service engineer, boiler repairs and boiler control upgrades.

Mike Brett

Gas engineer (Lead engineer) | Gas safe registered,

Gas boiler installer, boiler servicing, boiler breakdown and repairs.

Jacob Cotgrave

Gas engineer | Gas safe Registered

Installation and service engineer.

New combo boiler installations, boiler servicing and system upgrades.

Ted Weedon (L Ted) Working

Edward Weedon (L Ted)

Gas engineer. | Gas safe registered

Installation and upgrade engineer.

New boiler installs, all heating upgrades and gas pipework.