Gas Fires

Local Gas Services Wirral

There is nothing quite like the warm and relaxing glow from a fireplace in your home, especially when it is cold outside. But, when your gas fire isn’t working correctly, it can create problems for everyone in your home. 

Our Gas Safe engineers at Home Heating Systems provide installation, servicing and repairs on all gas appliances within your home. This includes your boiler, gas fire and cooker.

Gas Fire Servicing

It is easy to forget about your fireplace and the fact that it needs regular servicing. But, just like all other gas appliances in your home, your fire also requires maintenance to ensure that it can work at its best during the colder months, so it is safe for your family to use.
We all know that carbon monoxide is dangerous; we can’t see it or smell it, but it can have fatal consequences. That is why regular gas fire service and repair are essential for your home. In addition, gas appliances that are not maintained or tested regularly can be at risk from gas leaks, improper ventilation and other problems that can lead to a dangerous environment for your family.

Gas Fire Repairs

A broken gas appliance can have life-threatening consequences. If you suspect that your property is suffering from a faulty gas fire or you’ve noticed that your gas fire is not working correctly, you must contact a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately.
At Home Heating Systems, our fully qualified and registered gas-safe engineers can quickly identify any issue with your gas fire and perform the necessary remedial action. In addition, we are always happy to provide a free quotation for the repair work that could include the required annual service.