Heating Controls

Your boiler’s primary role is to heat your home and provide hot water. It offers controls allowing you to set the temperature you prefer while monitoring your energy use.

Learning to use these can help you maintain a more comfortable home, minimising running costs and improving your system’s energy efficiency. When your controls are installed, our engineer at Home Heating Systems will demonstrate the functionality and set the controls.

Heating Controls
Heating Controls

SMART Heating Controls

SMART Heating Controls are clever thermostatic devices fitted to your heating system. They are connected wirelessly to the internet, and once connected, you can control your heating remotely from a smartphone, tablet or another internet-connected device.
Since you have more control over your heating, you save money on your heating bills. In addition, with SMART Heating Controls, you can switch your heating earlier via your phone. That way, you come home to a warm and comfortable home.

Timers and Programmers

A boiler timer is a basic device that allows you to set specific times for your central heating system to come on and turn off, with the exact times repeated every day.
A boiler programmer allows you to set your heating and sometimes hot water to switch on and off at different times on different days of the week to suit your lifestyle. For example, most modern programmers automatically adjust for British summertime.
Heating Controls

Programmable Room Thermostat

A programmable room thermostat is both a boiler programmer and a room thermostat and allows you to set different room temperatures for different times of the day and night. When programmed correctly, it prevents the system from having to heat your home from a cold start. Instead, the boiler ‘tops up the temperature, which saves energy and improves comfort.