We offer a wide range of energy-efficient radiators at Home Heating Systems Ltd, both traditional and designer
new modern radiators
Installing or upgrading one home’s central heating system often leaves out the chance to beautify one’s place. But that is different with designer radiators, for it is suitable for installation no matter the contour, space or colour of your room.
This is possible because these radiators are available in several colours and styles. Therefore, choosing a designer radiator as your central heating system helps keep your place cool and beautifies your home with ease.

We offer a wide range of energy-efficient radiators at Home Heating Systems Ltd, both traditional and designer. In addition, we offer our new radiator installation services to our customers in the Wirral and surrounding areas. 

Designer Radiators

If you plan to install a designer radiator in your home and use it to upgrade its decors, start by surveying your place first. The purpose of this is to determine the ideal placement of the radiator. To know the optimum placement, keeping the standard guidelines when installing central heating is best. But, generally, the optimum location to install a radiator is in the coolest part of any room. Therefore, installing it on the window’s external wall beneath it is also necessary. Placing the radiator in this place helps warm the cold air.

Energy Efficient Radiators

Aluminium Radiators

Although both materials are beneficial, it still comes with some differences. Aluminium acts as a superconductor, making the material extremely responsive.
This will make your home more efficient and quickly warm up upon turning on the central heating. The same responsiveness occurs once you turn off the central heating – your home instantly cools down. Stainless steel can retain the heat for a while longer.
But maintenance won’t be a problem whatever material you choose because it is easy to clean. At most, these materials only need to be wiped using detergent and water a few times each year to be back in their best condition.