Chemical Power Flush Services

What is a Chemical Power Flush?

A Powerflush is a cleansing process which aims to remove deposits of sludge, rust and any other debris from your central heating system.

If left, these contaminants can seriously affect a heating system’s efficiency and, in severe cases, a power flush could be the only option available. In addition, over time, the water in your pipes, boiler and radiators deposits unwanted byproducts like rust. This rust (plus other dirt and debris) becomes an unpleasant, mud-like substance that professionals affectionately refer to as ‘sludge’.

Sludge in your heating system can cause blockages and corrosion, leading to inefficiency and/or breakdown. In extreme cases, it can be so damaging that a complete boiler replacement is needed.
Power Flush Services
Chemical Power Flush services

What is a Chemical Flush?

A chemical system flush is a simple process designed to clear rust out of the insides of the pipes of your central heating system.
As the name suggests, a mixture of cleaning chemicals is flushed through the system during a chemical flush, which works to remove sludge, dirt, and debris. It usually happens when a new boiler is installed in your heating system, but it’s high time to get this fixed if you’re finding cold spots in your boiler system, even without a new boiler.

There are some other signs that it is time for a system flush, and these may include:

Power Flush before and after
If you are experiencing any of these issues within your heating system, pipes and radiators, it might be time for a chemical or power flush, so please contact us to discuss the next steps.