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New Boiler Installations Little Sutton

At Home Heating Systems, we specialise in supplying and installing A-rated new boilers in Little Sutton. Your boiler plays a crucial role in maintaining a comfortable home by providing hot water and warmth. Selecting the right company for this task is paramount. Our Gas Safe engineers are fully qualified with years of experience, to ensure the correct installation and optimal functionality of your new boiler. 

We understand that each home has unique heating requirements. Home Heating Systems takes a personalised approach to new boiler installations. Our dedicated team conducts a thorough assessment of your home, determining individual heating needs, and suggests the perfect heating system to suit your needs. There are many reasons to replace your heating system, but some of the more frequent reasons are:

Extended heating time: If you notice it is taking longer than normal for your boiler to heat your home, this could be a sign that it’s time to upgrade to a new energy-efficient one.

Repeated breakdowns: If your boiler keeps suffering breakdowns, this is a sign that a new boiler is required. It may seem costly to have a new one installed, but it will save you money in the long run.

Age of your heating system: On average the lifespan of a boiler is around the 10-year mark. If yours is getting close to this or older, it might be time to consider installing a new A-rated heating system.

Rise in energy bills: As heating systems age they become less efficient, contributing to higher energy bills. New boilers are up to 90% more efficient and offer substantial savings. 

If you encounter one or more of these issues with your current heating system & reside in Little Sutton, now is the perfect time to replace it with a new boiler. Our expert gas engineers are ready to provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote.

For more information, fill in our handy online contact form or to speak to a member of our team today, you can call us directly on 0151 639 9955.

Why Choose Us To Install Your New Boiler?

We are a family-run business that has been supplying our expert plumbing and heating services to all our customers in Little Sutton and the wider community for many years. We are proud to be the number 1 choice for new boiler installations. We achieved this through our work ethic, honesty, and exceptional levels of customer service. 

There are many benefits to choosing Home Heating Systems to install your new heating system including:

Transparent quotes: Any quote you receive from us will include the final price you will pay on completion of any work with no hidden charges or expenses.

Gas Safe registered: We are proud members of the Gas Safe register. The Gas Safe register is an official database of businesses and their staff that are certified to install, repair, and maintain gas appliances. Click here to verify our membership.

Flexible appointments: We understand it can be difficult to book an appointment that fits around busy day-to-day schedules. That’s why we will try our best to a time that suits your needs.

Quality Guarantee: We only supply and fit A-rated boilers using only the best parts and materials that guarantee our work is built to stand the test of time.

Finance options available: Sometimes your boiler can suffer a major breakdown and need replacing without warning. Having to worry about paying outright can be daunting. That’s why we are thrilled to offer finance on all new Worcester Bosch heating systems with interest starting as low as 0%.

Fantastic ratings: We have many 5-star reviews from our previous customers which can be viewed at

For more information or if you require new boilers and live in or around the Little Sutton area, fill in our helpful contact form to speak to a member of our team today, you can call us directly on 0151 639 9955.

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Boiler Services In Little Sutton

At Home Heating Systems we are proud to be your go-to company for boiler services in Little Sutton. The solid reputation we have built in the local community was achieved by adhering to 3 core principles: honesty, transparency, and excellent customer service. When it comes to ensuring your heating system functions at its optimal efficiency throughout the year, annual boiler servicing is a must. There are many benefits that come with boiler servicingThey include: 

Reduced chance of breakdowns: During a boiler service our engineers can spot any potential issues early, preventing major breakdowns and saving you money on costly repair bills. 

Keeping warranty valid: If you read your manufacturer’s warranty, one of the main conditions for keeping it valid is annual boiler servicing. By not following proper maintenance, you could invalidate your warranty.

Environmental impact: Regular servicing makes your system run more efficiently, which means it uses less fuel to heat your home, which reduces your carbon footprint. 

Longer lifespan: By giving your boiler the love and attention it needs, it doesn’t need to work as hard to heat your home, which greatly improves the lifespan of your heating system. 

Lower heating costs: A system that receives an annual boiler service runs more efficiently meaning it uses less fuel to heat home which offers significant savings on your utility bills. 

Keep you and your loved ones safe: During a service. Our gas engineers carry out vital safety checks which check for life-threatening situations like gas leaks. Once these checks are complete, you can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are safe. 

Our team of friendly heating experts are highly trained and have many years experience carrying out boiler services. We’re certified to handle all things gas-related, and we are accredited installers for major boiler brands. So, when it comes to your heating system, you couldn’t be in safer hands than with Home Heating Systems.

Why Choose Us For Boiler Services in Little Sutton?

Home Heating Systems is a family run business. We have been serving the local community in Little Sutton for many years, offering our expert plumbing and heating knowledge. We specialise in boiler services. There are many benefits to choosing us to service your heating system including:

High quality work: High-grade materials coupled with our exceptional craftsmanship means our work is built to last and will easily stand the test of time.

Manufacturer approved: We are accredited by many of the main boiler manufacturers, meaning our work meets their extremely high standards.

Tailored appointments: We know it can be hard to book appointments that fit around busy day-to-day life. That’s why we offer appointments that suit our customer’s busy schedules.

Dedication to safety: We show an unwavering commitment to safety, and we are proud to be members of the Gas Safe register, which shows we are fully qualified to carry out work on gas appliances within your home. Our credentials can be verified here.

Excellent customer feedback: We have many 5-star reviews from our valued customers who have used our services in the past. They can be viewed at

Certifications and experience: All of our heating engineers are fully qualified and have decades of experience between them working in the plumbing and heating trade.

Want a FREE quote? Call us now on 0151 639 9955 or request a quote using the handy option below:

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Frequently Asked Questions (New Boilers FAQ’s)

Q: How much do you charge to have a new boiler installed? 

A: As all homes are different it’s hard to give an accurate answer. Instead we suggest you book an appointment to have one of our expert engineers visit your home to give you a free no-obligation quote. 

Q: How do I know if my boiler needs replacing? 

A: There are many tell-tale signs but the ones we see more others are: – Repeated problems and breakdowns. – If your boiler is struggling to keep your home warm and cosy. – If your heating system is using more fuel to heat your home, you will notice a sudden increase in the cost of your energy bills. 

Q: How long does it take to install a new boiler? 

A: Similar to the cost question, this isn’t something we can answer with any certainty as all homes are different. Once we have given you a quote, we will be able to offer you a realistic time frame in which we complete the work. 

Q: Do you offer boiler finance? 

A: We know that having your boiler replaced can be an unforeseen cost that can come out of the blue. That’s why we are happy to offer finance on all new Worcester Bosch boilers with interest starting as low as 0%. Meaning you can keep your savings in the bank or that much-needed family holiday booked.

Frequently Asked Questions (Boiler Services FAQ’s)

Q: Why does my boiler need to be serviced? 

A: Your boiler is working hard all year round keeping your home warm and your water hot. This puts a lot of strain on its parts, which can only handle so much before they start to show signs of wear and tear. This is when boiler breakdowns occur by carrying out annual servicing, you give your heating system the care and attention it needs to function efficiently all year round.

Q: Will it take long to service my boiler?

A: In most cases our engineers will complete their work within 1 hour, however we do like to allow for more time in case any faults are found. If this is the first time your heating system has been serviced it can take longer. We will always try our best to cause minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Q: Can a plumber carry out my service or does it need to be a gas engineer? 

A: How they choose to advertise themselves isn’t the important part they need to be Gas Safe registered before you allow any tradesman to start work on gas appliances in your home. You should ask to see proof of this. All of our engineers will happily show you this upon request.

Q: What’s included in a service?

A: Our Gas Safe engineers will carry out a full inspection of your boiler, checking for any potential faults. They will also do a deep clean of your system, removing any debris or foreign objects. Finally, they will carry out vital safety checks ensuring there are no gas leaks or other potential hazards that pose a risk to life or property.

Q: How will a service save me money?

A: Boilers that are serviced regularly will run more efficiently, meaning they burn less fuel when heating your home, which translates to significant savings on your annual utility bills. Also, during a service our engineers can spot any potential faults early, preventing major breakdowns and costly repair bills.

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If you would like to know more about our boiler services or new boilers in Little Sutton or for information about our other services, contact us today. Our professional team are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the best solution for your needs.